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Summer Reading & Math Resources

Summer Extended Learning Opportunities!

“Summer slide” is the tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gains they made
during the previous school year. In order to help prevent summer slide, students who just
completed grades K-4 may access a variety of reading and math resources over the summer
months. Summer Clever resource links will be accessible starting today and available to students
through the summer.

This Summer Reading and Math Resources document includes links, descriptions of programs,
and log-in information for a variety of ELA and Math learning options. Options include
differentiated platforms such as LEXIA and Freckle; two programs your student is familiar with.

Additionally, your student received a reading BINGO sheet that they can complete over the summer.

If the BINGO sheet has been misplaced, don’t worry! It is also linked on the resource document.
Please reach out to Meghan Corcoran, Director of Curriculum K-4, with any questions. Ms.
Corcoran can be reached at [email protected].