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Curriculum Overview

The WSD curriculum is designed around coherent progressions from grade to grade. Learning is carefully connected across grades so that students can build new understanding onto foundations built in previous years. We aim to approach grade level standard as an extension of previous learning.

In the areas of English Language Arts and social studies, students are exposed to increasingly more complex text at each grade level, development of foundational reading skill, reading comprehension and academic vocabulary. Students advancing through the grades are able to gain more from what they read in all content areas. We aim to achieve a 50-50 balance between informational and literary reading. Informational reading includes content-rich nonfiction in social studies and science. Students use evidence from texts to analyze what is read and they are challenged to answer a variety of text-dependent questions. The writing is evidence-based with a great focus on information and opinion writing. 

The K-4 science curriculum provides opportunities for students to ask questions and develop their science process skills. Students learn by doing science, posing questions, making predictions, experimenting, observing and collecting information and finally analyzing their data. This process will build both their skills, scientific knowledge and capacity to learn over time. The units of study focus on core concepts in all disciplines: Earth/Space, Life, Physical Science, and Technology/Engineering. The science skills being learned integrate with the literacy and numeracy skills students are also learning.

The K-4 math curriculum is focused and deep. Students explore number sense using manipulatives and through hands-on activities. Grades K–2 focus on concepts, skills, and problem solving related to addition and subtraction. In grades 3–4 the focus is on concepts, skills, and problem solving related to multiplication and division of whole numbers and fractions. This focus provides students with strong foundations, develops math fluency and supports their ability to apply the math they know to solve problems.  

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Curriculum Brochures

For additional information about individual grade-level curriculum, please see below for the PK-4 brochures.