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Kids Vote

Kids Vote

We are looking forward to bringing back our Annual Kids Vote for grades K-8! Students will be able to vote alongside their parents/guardians during town voting on Tuesday, March 8th.  All voting will take place at Windham High School from 7 am-8 pm. Upon arrival, students will enter the gym and approach the Kid’s Vote Table.  Volunteers will be there to check them in on the registration list and provide them with a ballot for their school.  Students will select one choice on their school-based ballot and then drop their vote in the official ballot box.  See below for what each school will be voting on!


Golden Brook School

  • Vote for Fun Friday School Activity: Choose between a Pajama Day, Sports Day, or Free Recess
Windham Center School
  • Vote for Fun Friday School Activity- Class Board Games, Staff Talent Show, or Extra Recess

Windham Middle School

  • Vote for the next school treat- ice cream sandwiches or popsicles